What To Expect

Our patients often remark how clean and comfortable our premises are at 3 West Street Wilton. You’ll find plenty of parking in the market place across the road, and there are bus stops close by. We have designed our space to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, recognising that this may be your first experience of chiropractic and you may be anxious.

You will be given time to gather your thoughts, after which our receptionist will give you some forms to complete and sign. Your first form to read and sign relates to our data protection policy. This policy is designed to protect your privacy and your details are kept confidential in a secure environment both in paper format and electronically.

You will then be given a ‘New Patient’ form to complete. This simple to fill out form will give an overview of your reasons for your visit, together with some general medical history questions. Please bring a list of any current medications you may be taking. Please plan for 30-45 minutes for your first visit.

The Consultation

Your information is important to help us determine whether we can help you

Your information is important to help us determine whether we can help you

The purpose of our initial consultation is so we can get to know each other and determine whether chiropractic treatment can help.

We Listen

During a conversation and review of your health history, David will try to determine if you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care. He’ll ask a few questions and do a lot of listening. This is done to get an overall impression of you and your family’s health challenges and goals.

Chiropractic Assessment

The consultation helps us determine whether chiropractic care is appropriate for your condition. Our thorough assessment might be very different than some other health care practitioners you may have visited. Our goal is to determine what joints of the spine and body, together with their supporting muscles are involved in your current symptoms. We achieve this by postural assessment, range of motion evaluations, specific orthopaedic tests, and some neurological tests. All of our tests are researched and evidence based, valid, and reliable. After your consultation and assessment, David will give you an indication of whether chiropractic treatment can be of benefit to you. He will also give you a verbal report of his initial findings. By the end of this comprehensive consultation you should know three things in simple to understand language:

Postural assessment, orthopaedic and neurological tests help us determine your problem.

Postural assessment, orthopaedic and neurological tests help us determine your problem.

  • What the problem is
  • How long it will take to get better (short and long term)
  • Approximate number of treatments required to get you better

David will then cover any risks associated with chiropractic treatment. We do this to be open and transparent. As a new patient we like you to have the facts so that you can make an informed decision as to whether chiropractic treatment is for you – before embarking on any treatment plan.

If you are in acute pain, David will offer to start your chiropractic treatment on your first visit. After the first treatment, you will be given a letter advising what to expect after the treatment as your body begins to adapt to changes.

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To book an appointment to see David Morley is simple. Just select your appointment type, pick a day that suits you and then choose a time. Enter your details and click 'Book Appointment' you will get an email confirmation of your appointment. For more details take a look at this page.