About Us

We’ve been sharing our unique approach toward pain and spinal function with the Wilton and wider community since 1998.

As a personal chiropractor to thousands of individuals in the Wilton, Salisbury and wider Wiltshire communities David Morley has a true passion to serve his community, and spread the message of evidenced-based chiropractic for the treatment of pain arising from muscles and joints of the skeleton and spine.

The Chiropractic Centre Wilton Understands Patients Needs.

At our small friendly practice at 3 West Street Wilton, we provide a warm & welcoming atmosphere. We understand that this may be your first visit to a chiropractor and you may be anxious about a number of things. We aim to put your mind at ease the moment you walk through the door. You will be dealt with in a professional manner and with the same level of confidentiality that you should expect of a healthcare practice.

Patient care here at The Chiropractic Centre Wilton is a simple but collaborative approach. We believe that pain-free movement is essential for a long, happy life. We often meet individuals once they are in pain, and have usually gone through the traditional route without much success. Our commitment is two-fold:

1. Relief or Corrective Care for Wilton Patients

The most common request we have in our Wilton practice is to fix the problem and help you feel better…so this is always going to be our starting point!

During this initial stage of intensive care, we have a number of responsibilities:

  • Uncover the underlying cause of your current symptoms
  • Suggest a care plan to correct your problem and produce the fastest results possible
  • Offer ways you can participate in your recovery
  • Explain the value of post-symptomatic preventative care

2. Maintenance Care for Wilton Patients

As a chiropractic facility in Wilton, we encourage patients to achieve and attain the highest levels of health possible. Through educational opportunities (such as this website, our free newsletters, and seminars held at The Chiropractic Centre Wilton), David Morley communicates the importance of sustaining optimal health.

At The Chiropractic Centre Wilton, we desire to see our patients abandon the prevailing sickness model (waiting for symptoms and then taking action). We value embracing a model of proactive preventative care, one that favours the proactive support and maintenance of properly functioning nervous system, spine, muscles, & skeletal system. We would love to see the Wilton community take a proactive approach and responsibility to health, stay active, and to create balance in work & life.

You’re Always in Control

Please understand that we at The Chiropractic Centre Wilton are here for you. You decide how much information you are willing to take on board and use. You are always in control. It’s your body, your health and your future. We are not here to either preach or judge. The job of our Wilton team is to offer you the finest chiropractor, and the finest chiropractic care possible. Interested? Please contact The Chiropractic Centre Wilton to make an appointment today.

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