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Believe it or Not, I Quite Literally Fell into Becoming a Chiropractor!

“It all began when my wife Corinne fractured her collarbone in a freak accident, New Year's Eve of 1991, I remember it well. “She had been given a sling and the usual array of painkillers by the hospital. Over the coming weeks, it became apparent that something was wrong as Corinne began to suffer from neck, shoulder and arm pains. I remember our GP being unable to offer little help, other than ongoing pain relief from drugs. We got to the point that most people do - we sought the help of a local chiropractor as a last resort. The comprehensive examination that he gave, with straightforward explanation of the problem was all that we needed to be convinced that we were at the right place. With follow up treatments and a course of specific exercises, Corinne’s pain quickly faded.

Chiropractic Education

Call it fate, but our first experience of chiropractic had come at a time when I was considering a change of career from sales towards something in the healthcare profession. What could be better than to spend the rest of my working days helping others achieve resolution of their pains as Corinne had found? I began to look for options to train as a chiropractor - and did so at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic (A.E.C.C ) in Bournemouth England completing both my bachelor and masters of science degree in chiropractic in 1998.

At The Chiropractic Centre Wilton

At The Chiropractic Centre Wilton, I believe that everyone is as individual as the problems they present with. My practising approach is simple;

Listen to my patients, examine appropriately, explain clearly and help them get back to their normal activities as quickly as possible with the minimum fuss.

But that’s enough about me. What about you, what’s your story? Why not contact the centre and arrange an initial consultation 07852 935 910

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