Health Insurance Company Cover

Health insuranceIt is now common for many health insurance companies to offer funding for chiropractic treatment. Please be aware that each individual health insurance company will have their own criteria to accept a practitioner to be registered as a provider of their specialist services. At the Chiropractic Centre Wilton your chiropractor David Morley is a registered provider of chiropractic treatment with most health insurance companies – but not all.

Most health insurance companies are straight forward to claim the cost of your chiropractic treatment. Again, each company will have limitations, exclusions, and their own unique set of processes for claiming back the cost of your chiropractic treatment.

Our advice to you is; if you have health care insurance and you are considering claiming the cost of your chiropractic treatment; please contact your individual health insurance company first to find out about whether you are covered, and, what processes are in place for you to make a claim.